We help African fashion players
become more prosperous

These players comprise fashion business owners and professionals at each stage of the fashion value chain:


Design &




Their growth is limited by:
inadequate infrastructure (human, physical, and digital)
limited access to information, markets, and finance

CAFET is solving these two problems through partnerships-led
education, technology, and trade initiatives across the value chain

Our initiatives are designed around our theory of change

The African fashion value chain is fragmented: inadequate infrastructure, expertise, and synergies limit the delivery of high-quality products locally and globally. Traditional interventions often address value chain stages in isolation, limiting long-term progress.

CAFET takes a distinct approach: coordinated value chain interventions and strategic partnerships. We bridge the gaps in the fashion industry by forging impactful collaborations, creating linkages, and providing strategic guidance.

Our synergistic strategy tackles challenges across all the value chain stages, ensuring holistic gains.

Our Initiatives


Our Talent Development Programs (TDP) offer affordable, comprehensive online and offline fashion education to develop a skilled garment workforce for the African garment industry.


Our Fashion Technology Hubs (FTH) provide affordable access to fashion technology enabling faster, cheaper, and more efficient design, prototyping, and manufacturing to boost local and global competitiveness.

Affarel by CAFET

Affarel, our wholesale trade and sourcing arm, provides consulting and trade services to facilitate apparel exports to the US under AGOA, opening new markets and growth opportunities.

Our Mission

Empower African fashion players to thrive locally and globally by facilitating developmental solutions across the value chain.

Our Vision

A globally competitive African fashion industry that fosters economic growth, facilitates job creation, and empowers communities.

Our Partners

Our Supported SDGS

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